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Welcome to the home of Taylor'd Boxers.  During my childhood our family always had a soft spot when it came to dogs or cats.  We were always the people you saw on the side of the road picking up strays.  Collies and German Shepherds shared our home for many years.  After leaving for college I decided to research breeds until I found one that would fit my lifestyle.  This search led me to the Boxer.  I have owned boxers since 1996 and have found a breed which truly defines the phrase "Man's Best Friend".  My first boxer was a plain-fawn male (Ares God of War) which exuded the true temperment of a boxer.  Not only was he very fun-loving and regal, but he was very intelligent.  He quickly received a CGC title and was trained in obedience.  After joining the Cumberland Valley Kennel Club, I began to travel to shows around the area which sparked my interest in the show ring.  I then started handling for some friends within our kennel club, which included Dobermans (Vallor Kennels), Rottweilers and French Bulldogs (Paramount Kennels), collies (Nostalgia Kennels) and golden retrievers.  I have also handled other boxers from Brookwood, Harrowood and Noble Kennels.  I started my search for a show boxer in 1999.  I began to research show lines and pedigrees and through the help of Henerietta Fraysier (Noble Boxers) I obtained Adonis (See picture below).    

Robert Taylor Hansel
630 Waxwing Way
Lexington, KY  40517
(606) 246-0699
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Breeding For Quality

This is a photo of Adonis (Oak Knoll's Dream A Lil Dream), my first show boxer.  This  was his debut appearance in the ring, and he recieved Reserve Winners Dog (3 point major) from the 6-9 month puppy class.  He was also  owner-handled to his win.  
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American Boxer Club